1 min read
Nov 2022

Building Purposeful Business Models With Mars Wrigley

Published by Economist Impact in partnership with Mars Wrigley and the Economics of Mutuality team.

21 min read
May 2022

Completing Capitalism: The Economics of Mutuality

Jay Jakub and Nadia Terfous interview with The Beautiful Truth magazine.

10 min read
Apr 2022

EoM: A New School of Thought and Business Model

Bruno Roche interview with The CEO Magazine.

10 min read
Dec 2021

Reforming Capitalism: A Critical Conversation in Europe

Written by Bruno Roche. Published by Institut du Capitalisme Responsible.

7 min read
Nov 2021

Jurie Jean van de Vyver: Reflecting on EoM From MBA to Present Day

Written by Jurie Jean van de Vyver. Published by the Economics of Mutuality.