Literature Reviews

68 min read
Oct 2017

Fairness and Organizational Performance: Insights for Supply Chain Management

For this briefing document we review the organizational fairness literature with a focus on the supply chain context. Supply chain fairness is an under-researched topic and we seek...

33 min read
Oct 2017

Organizational Citizenship Behaviours: Definitions and Dimensions

Organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) is an evolving concept concerning how and why people contribute positively to their organisations beyond defined work roles; a concept...

60 min read
Sep 2017

Psychological Ownership: Effects and Applications

Psychological ownership (PO) can be an important tool for organizations to encourage productivity and certain desirable employee behaviours. In the organizational literature, PO is...

1 min read
May 2017

Business Ecosystems: A Literature Review

Business Ecosystems have been a topic of academic research since the 1990s and more recently the phrase has become somewhat of a buzzword in the media and among practitioners, sparking a lot of interest in various…